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Judgment Criteria : : Cyber Security Challenge - 2016

Logical Strength

The judges will assess your strength in solving a specific problem? How do you analyze the situation in terms of goals, costs, and benefits. How will you handle them?
And how do you prioritize what you want to accomplish.

Programming Standard

The judges will assess how do you map the problem into programming and how do you maintain the standard of the programming?

Expertise on Proper tools

Proper use of tools, shortcuts increases the productivity of the development. Judges will assess your expertise on tools and how do capitalize the various features of tools to increase the productivity.

Good Practices

Your knowledge and keenness in good practices during development, before development and post development will be assessed.

Team Work

Every team member’s mindset will be assessed regarding their cooperation, participation and work load distribution.

Problem Solving Approach

Judges will assess your capability in terms psychological and engineering way – how do you approach to solve the particular problem.

Presentation Skill on Presenting the developed solution

Developing a solution is challenging, but presenting the solution to the audience is much more challenging. Your presentation skills in front of various audience will be assessed.

Communication Skill

Your communication skill among your team members, between your team and client will be assessed.


Judges will also assess your aesthetic sense of presentation.

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